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Keeping the Granny Smith Alive!

Sara PattenChris and I met seven years ago, and Rock Hill Bakehouse & Cafe has always been one of our all-time favorite spots! When Chris began working at The Mill as a construction manager in 2008, he frequented Rock Hill Cafe and formed lasting relationships with Beth and the staff. When we visited the cafe together for the first time, Chris was very excited for me to try his favorite sandwich  “The Granny Smith”. Since our first visit together, it has become our favorite lunch date spot in town - from the Granny Smith and Turkey Pesto to the Homemade Soups and the BEST CHICKEN SALAD we have ever eaten. We have always appreciated the quality of food and the freshness that has built Rock Hill Cafe, and we intend to maintain those standards. When we heard the Cafe was closing, we were disheartened for the area and sad to lose such a unique place- a feeling I believe was shared by many. We just couldn't let the place go and now with the purchase, we aspire to keep most of the current menu choices while introducing a few of my home recipes. Our short-term plan for The Exchange is to replace windows, doors, paint and slowly rebuild the exterior which is in need of repair. By early 2020 we plan an addition for our new dining space and will completely rebuild the interior with a new, fresh design.

I’m Sara Patten, the owner of The Exchange. I grew up in the Lake Luzerne area and spent my summers with family in the Piedmont Region of Italy. Food has always been central in my life and I love to cook and entertain. Every year that I visit Italy, my favorite feeling is sitting down at a big table with my family and friends, eating an amazing meal, having some drinks and sharing many stories and laughs. I hope that The Exchange embodies those same feelings for our guests. We hope that you follow us through our growing stages-and we greatly appreciate your patience.

I look forward to personally meeting you all!


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